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I'm sure it's been done before, but I didn't see anything after a quick search so I thought it would be fun.

Mine would be either BTBAM - Prequal to the Sequal or Metallica - One (solo included)
mary had a little lamb! anyone?
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I guess Master Of Puppets, not Including solos (hey, I'm a bassist. The fact I can play this song when I don't even own an electric guitar is good enough for me).
Constant motion or The Dark Eternal Night by Dream theater, or Damage control and glasgow kiss by John Petrucci
Either Blackened by Metallica, or Through the Fire and the Flames by DragonForce, altho there are still some parts of the solo that catch me out on the latter
I can play the soundtrack from F-zero (Big Blue) and Master of Puppets including solos is a similar sort of difficulty.
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Confirmation by Charlie Parker.

Given, sometimes on an off-night, or if it's late in the set and my hands are a little tired I can't nail that 16th note section in the middle so I sort of grease over it. Better yet if a piano player doesn't show up I won't even do the melody at all and just handle the chords for the sax.
probably kickstart my heart by motley crue, but without the talkbox solo
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Besides a few songs my band plays, I'd say Betrayer by Kreator.
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Uhhh.... I don't know...
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i think summer vivaldi, but i still find it a bit tricky
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I'm working on Six by All That Remains. I think I'm progressing pretty well so far.
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i think summer vivaldi, but i still find it a bit tricky

Ooh! Which movement?
I'm working on Rusty Cooley- Under the Influence currently.

For songs I have down, probably Erotomania, Constant Motion, or As I Am by Dream Theater.
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I'm still working on Cliffs of Dover; I can get through the entire song, but some parts cause me to mess up cause EJ likes to make sure that everyone knows he's better than them.
Stairway to Heaven is the only song that I consistently play. I used to know other stuff, but I have been so consumed in writing my own stuff and becoming a better song writer/improviser that I forgot other people's songs.

A year and a half ago, I could play Arpeggios from Hell in my sleep. I thought I was hot ****.
2nd comfortably numb solo.
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I'm in the process of learning Altitudes by Jason Becker so of what I can play of that would probably be the hardest.
We should start rating the person's song above us from 1 to 10...

mine would be Number of the Beast.. including the first solo..

edit: I dont know the song but 9 for being Jason Becker
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Winnah right here.
i'm working on some songs off of Nevermore's new album. Born, Final Product, My Acid Words, etc.
i'm also working on The Dark Eternal Night by Dream Theater.
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hangar 18 i know like half the solos but i haven't got round to learning them alll
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Gravemakers & Gunslingers by Coheed and Cambria
Inside the Fire by Disturbed (still working on the solo, though)
and I'm almost done learning Super Collosal by Satch
i guess Master Of Puppets + solo

one of my favorite solos to play, is Struggle Within. its nothing special, but i think its pretty cool azz solo
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i think summer vivaldi, but i still find it a bit tricky

Have you tried to do Winter, but tapped? It's intense.

Probly Under a Glass Moon, or Tecnical Difficulties
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Under The Influence by Rusty Cooley is pretty tough, and is probably the hardest one that I completely know at the moment. Stabwound by Necrophagist is hard in a different way. Then, I'm also working on Gray Pianos Flying by Shawn Lane, Dominion by Rusty Cooley, and Only Ash Remains by Necrophagist, and all of those are quite challenging as well.
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I'm working on Rusty Cooley- Under the Influence currently.

Good luck man haha
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Zakk Wylde is a Viking, and history has proven that you cannot own Vikings, it's impossible.

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