I know this will sound gay to most of the shredders out there... But I am after the tab for Missing You by the Backstreet Boys. It's off their album Backstreet's Back. If anyone has any info on the chord progression for this song please let me know, I would appreciate it very much! I would try and figure it out myself, but I don't have the song and am broke so I can't buy it.

Thanks everyone!
In my opinion, This type of song is better played on piano, whether you like to play it with the descending bass , and the last part that goes up..I'll give you the chords and like you say, you'll adjust it to your own style. here it goes......

Intro and Chorus:
F : 133211
G: 355433
C: x3555x
C/E: x7555x
Fmaj7: x87555
F6: x3323x
E/Ab: 4x645x
Am: 577555
Am7/G: 3x555x
D/F#: 2x423x
Fm6: 1x313x

Bb: x1333x
F: 133211
Am7: x02010
Em7: 022030
Bm7: x24232
F#m7: 242222
D; xx0232
A/Db: x4222x
A: x02220
E: 022100
G: 320033
Asus4: x02230

Fmaj7: 133210
Fm6: 133130
Am7: x02010
Am/F#: x04010
Gm7; 353333
F/A: x03211
Bb: x1333x
A11: 5x5435
Bb11: 6x6546

Intro and Chorus:

F F-G C C/E Fmaj7 Fm9 C

F F-E/Ab Am Am7/G D/F# Fm6 F6 C


Bb F Bb F F-G -Am7 Em7 Bm7 F#m7

G D G D D-A/Db-Bm Bm-A-E G Asus4


Fmaj7 Fm6 Am7 Am/F# Gm7 F/A Bb F/A A11 Bb11......

Chorus: (1 fret higher)... the last 2 chords on the song : F6 C , F6 C..(1 fret up)
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