i read some stuff on ehow on how to skin a chicken and it goes like this:

Place a whole raw chicken with the breasts facing down.
Slice through the skin along the backbone.
Cut off the wings at the first joint.
Cut around the end of each drumstick to loosen the skin from the legs.
Carefully peel the skin away from the chicken, starting with the cut you made at the backbone.
Cut or pull the skin from the breastbone.
Skin a single piece of raw chicken by grasping one end of the skin firmly and pulling.
To skin a whole cooked chicken or a cooked chicken piece, wait until it is cool enough to handle, then pull the skin away.

and also there are tips and warnings that go with it..

# Chicken meat won't absorb any fat from the skin during cooking. Skin will also protect the meat from drying out during cooking and will add a little extra flavor. So leave the skin on during cooking and peel it away afterward.
# Almost all the fat in chicken comes from the skin.
# The fat from chicken skin can be rendered out and used in other recipes.

Is this **** true? if not, what do you recommend?

P.S im already excited in skinning a chicken and dinner time starts at about 2 hours.. Please help!!
chicken skin is the nicest part. get it nice and crisp..
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how do you skin it? if you cook it with the meat the skin would be ruined and dinner goes bye bye..
Thank you for the information. I will put this to good use.
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Quick question, does this work on humans as well?

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Quick question, does this work on humans as well?

Only one way to find out......
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i dont know..... wait ill try it on my friend......................................................... oh ****.. sorry it doesnt apply to humans... perhaps posting a new thread about skinning live human friends would help...