When playing pantera songs etc. with high gain, i always get some hizz noise, which ruins the song, and makes it feel untight, got any tips on PM tech's? I usually pick above the neck humbucker, and a little over when standing, does it have something to do with this?
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do it slowly to a rhythm such as cowboys from hell, (even though its not PMed) and get your palm to get used to the feeling of stings underneith it. good luck
That hissing noise is probably just background distortion (or at least that's what I call it). Try turning your guitar down to say 9 or 8, that is if you have your guitar all the way up to 10.

If you DO have it all the way up to 10, then that's most likely the problem. ::type
My distortion pedal has a switch on it sort of like a noisegate i guess. On one seting it mutes out at lower volumes but has zero hiss even on full blast. If i turn it in the middle theres some hiss but it wont mute out on notes that i let ring and on last setting it hums like a bastard and i pick up radio station while im playing lol.

Maybe look at a noise gate or something pros use them all the time. Sounds like you just have to much feedback or something. Maybe your cords are ****ed up too are they old?
Wait, you pick above the neck pickup? While palm-muting? I hate to be condescending and assume so, but if you are, you're supposed to palm mute at the bridge.
^ indeed you're supposed to pick toward the bridge. also you really don't need that much distortion to get a decent chunky sound. unfortunately a lot of guitarists don't know that, its more about the pick attack than the amount of distortion. too much distortion kills your tone. try turning down your distortion and im sure your notes will also ring clearer. i have a metal zone and i usually keep the gain level at about 11 o' clock. anything more than that muddys up the sound.
^ yes good point. My hand rests just in front of my bridge so theres no possible way for me to pick above the neck pickup. And also a good point on the distortion issue as well.
How do you hold your pick?

My palm muting got better after I started holding the pick with 2 fingers (instead of 3) with my fingers spread comfortably. A friend showed me that.

And that hum your hearing could be because your too close to the amp or maybe because of your pickups. Single-coils generally buzz, if you do have single-coils, try using two pickups at once. That *may* fix it.
Put your palm as close to the bridge as you can and then pick, and work your way foreward until you get the sound you are looking for.
Well shit man.
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Put your palm as close to the bridge as you can and then pick, and work your way foreward until you get the sound you are looking for.

indeed, this is the tried and tested technique. picking above the neck humbucker means you must have you palm down inbetween the two buckers or a bit closer to the bridge one. thats a bit odd.
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If you're not sure about your palm muting technique, try it on a clean channel or unplugged. The only time I ever get horrible hissing noises while playing is when I have my amp's distortion on full and my pedal's distortion on full.
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Errr.. Picking over the neck pickup? That's probably the problem... unless you have freakishly long fingers, that would mean the fat of your hand is muting the strings, instead of simply palm muting right on the bridge where it should be.