I have saw a schematic on schematic heaven, where someone have combined Matchless vibrobox (trem) and hotbox (distortion), allowing them to share one housing and one power supply. However, it seems that they are actually two seperate circuit in reality.

So what I did is that redraw it based on the values provided, but now I am left with numerous sections:
Input triode (same for both circuit)
Cathode follower buffer (more or less the same for both circuit)
Gain stage-a
Gain stage/trem stage (switchable)

And then there is the volume and tone. In the hot box, the 3 band EQ comes after the cathode follower. In the vibrobox, it use a single tone control after the first stage. Both's volume is after the first stage triode.

So what I want to know is what is the best way to rearrange the section? I am very certain the input gain stage will be the same, but the rest are a bit iffy...
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