Alright so I just started listening to reggae music lately and am trying to expand my horizons. I like soja, john brown's body, groundation, steel pulse, and toots and the maytals, and obviously bob; but what are some other good bands to get into? And what is the difference between dub and root reggae?
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Dub is a genre that comes from reggae. There's lots of instrumentals in dub, with delays, echos and reverbs added to the beats etc. Check out King Tubby for an idea.
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Roots is basically just old school reggae to today. Like Richie Spice who is mainly roots but also has some dancehall songs.

Richie Spice
Lucky Dube
Warrior King
Anthony B
Natural Black
Yellow Man These guys are all roots reggae.

Bounty Killer And these guys are all Dancehall artists.
Beenie Man
Vybz Kartel
Sean Paul
Choppa Chop
Burro Banton

If you want more i can tell you.
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Bedouin Soundclash. Try "Money Worries". Awesome.
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Here I will post some Reggae and Ska artists that I really like.

Bob Marley
Lee 'Scratch' Perry
Peter Tosh
The Wailers
The Ethiopians
The Skatalites
The Gladiators

And if you like something really cool download this two discs:

Dub Side of The Moon (the dark side of the moon in reggae and dub by Easy Star All Star)
Radiodread (OK Computer in reggae and dub by Easy Star All Star)
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ok so i see u have seen lee perry's name mentioned a butt load, and rightfully so, anyway, he produced The Congo's album "heart of the congos" and its in ym opinion the best reggae EVER. very very heartfelt and very groovy. trust me, please!!
Matisyahu, Damian Marley..

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