Hello everyone i have been gone for a while now and tried to experience music by listening and all my anti metalcore i used to have have been eliminated so please crit this. it´s alot of metalcore but i´m pretty proud of it especially the drums...
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Well for the most part it was pretty good.

i liked the layers on the intro, but youcoulda added a little more to guitar 3.

Ow D:

the transition needs something, maybe keep the acoustics goin and slowly move into distortion somehow? a bass would help alot too, as the song so far feels a bit empty of the lower octaves.

You've got a lot of good riffs in here, but at times it does get a bit repetitive.
i imagine that there'd be vocals for this too though, so that would make up for alot of the emptiness.

i like what you've got going, it just seems a bit unfinished


Crit mine? :3
Well done, Your lead guitar during the acoustic part was great and stuck through my head during the song. Sadly 25-32 was bad and those chords are used in alot of songs so maybe try playing around more with chords till u find better ones. same around 49-52 that repeats and its just way too simple kinda shows your musician ship .33-36 is a great part but when i was hoping for something unpredictable. Try building on your intro riffs , This piece needs more work, So its a 7/10 from me . c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=858415
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Nice intro melody. It's a pleasure to listen to, to put it that way, it sounds nice. I really like the verse.

What you have here is something really metalcore, yeah, but it's more like good metalcore, unlike most of the stuff people put out these days. Kind of interesting and not too predictable. Chorus is great! The clean outro really sums up the song.

Great work! 9/10.