I played one of these at a guitar show recently:

It played really nice, looked great and well made.
he only problem was it was a show with dozens of people playing in the same room, so I couldn't hear all that well.

I don't know all that much about acoustics, all I know is that I need a new one for under £200.

The guy at the show said "£220 normally, £120 show price" but I don't like to get my wallet out without thinking long and hard (plus I was on strict orders from the missus not to come home with a new guitar ).

Anyone know if these are any good?

It seems to have a cedar top - aren't the best ones spruce?
At least it's solid rather than ply...
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Don't know anything about that particular guitar but I can answer your question about the Cedar/Spruce. No, SPruce isn't the best option. It's the most common option but Cedar is becoming increasingly common and is a good choice for a tonewood. It gives a different sound to spruce and is more suited to lighter playing and fingerpicking (IMO, for this sort of playing style they are much better than spruce, theres just something I like about the tone of a good Cedar soundboard) while spruce is probably a bit more versatile. Unlike Cedar, the sound wont muddy as much when strummed hard and is a brighter clearer(if thats how you can describe it) tone. If you play it and like it, i don't see why you shouldn't get it. It looks like a nice guitar and it soudns like a good deal.