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Squier Strat
8 21%
Epiphone SG
30 79%
Voters: 38.
My friend ask me : Which one is better squier strat or epiphone sg ?

Me : Umm... why don't you ask everyone at UG ?

My friend : Alright then, you'll post and I'll count Ok?

Me : ...Ok
^...having a bonfire? also:WHAT squier and WHAT epi? more details please...
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whichever style you like more

Epiphone les paul Standard (sunburst)

Crate Vintage Club 50

Ibanez TS9 (Turbo Version?)

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I'm most likely gonna say Epiphone on that one, but hey, comes down to personal preference.

End Of Thread.
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Id say the epiphone, even though squier and epiphone are both divisions of the big companies, epiphone is usually made with higher quality.
Definitely Epiphone, the new Squiers' build quality these days is pretty poor (im talking about the 'Affinity' series, made in China). Get an Epi, change the pickups and get a setup, and you got yourself a pretty decent guitar.
For the low range I would recommend an Ibanez of some kind. Or a cheap Hagstrom.
@ TS: Dude, answer the questions we asked, or this poll is worthless.
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Epiphone SG, assuming you mean the G-400, the most popular model. They're good, straight-up standard guitars that you can happily take gigging, and basically the only reasons they're so cheap are 1) it says Epiphone not Gibson, 2) SGs are just inherently cheap guitars. A G-400 matches in quality any les Paul, archtop or Stratocaster that is twice the price.

On the other hand, the Squiers are... meh. They're not bad, but they just don't scream value like the G-400 does. With the G-400, you're getting more than you pay for. With the Squier Standard Strat (again, the most popular model), you're getting exactly what you pay for. You're in no way being ripped off, but you're not getting an amazing bargin either. Especially when you consider things like the Yamaha Pacifica series that beats Squier's quality ****less for the same price, the Squiers just seem... dull.

Suffice to say, I just traded my Squier Strat in for an Epiphone G-400.
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I am pretty sure he is talking about the special model...I dont think he would compare the g-400 with a squier...I would say squier if it is the special (also depending on which squier) and the sg if you are talking about the g-400 comparing to any squier.

you cant really expect a real answer to that question since you arent specific to which model at all...
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yea if it's the squier strat and the sg special, my vote's for the squier. it'd definitely not the G400, or he will be comparing it with some "high-end" squier...like the jagmaster or the vintage modified ones, which aren't too shabby. but rather expensive.
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