ive been trying and I really dont get it, im not sure how to pinch harmonic with my index finger, should I try to "hit" the string with my fingertip? or with the 1st joint of the finger?

someone has any youtube adress or something to enlighten me?
i hold my pick wierdly, so i can pinch it with the tip of my first finger. not that thats much help.

just keep trying until you find something right for you.

usually pinch harmonics are done with the thumb or pinky. On an upstroke i suppose you could use your index, but you would have to hold the pick really weird. To get a pinch hamonic you need to just barely touch the string it shouldn't matter what part of your finger you use. My guess is that you are choking the string and it's going dead.
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^ above poster is correct in saying that it doesnt matter what part of the hand hits the string its the second contact after the pick in the right place that makes the harmonic sound. So you will definatly have to paly around everybody plays differently. Personally i hold my pick with 2 fingers and thumb and i hang a bit of my second finger out and catch that on the upstroke p.h. and thumb on a downstroke. If you hold your pick one finger and thumb like most people try choking up on the pick and hitting a tiny piece of your index on the string lightly just like your thumb on a downstroke.
The best advice is keep ****ing around a million ways until you find the right way for you.