i recently downloaded G3 2003, and during some of satch's songs he grabs the neck and barres with his entire hand then does arpeggio's, so what exactly is he doing?
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do you mean where he mutes the strings with his picking hand, then taps arpeggios with his left?
He's just kind of muting the strings to prevent feed back and to sound more clear while he taps the arpeggio, pretty easy to do actually. Is on the Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing right?
You could probably use your right hand to bar the whole neck, but he's probably just muting the strings.
Knowin how ****in crazy Satch is, he's mutin the strings and tappin all notes of the arpeggio with his right hand. Hard to do for me, but that's cuz my reach isn't that big.
Oh, yes, the mystical potato head groove thing.... such sweet sounds.

Joe grabs the neck with his right hand to mute unwanted noise and for flshy purposes and hammers all the required notes with his left hand. A lot easier than it sounds... or harder... depends how much you play.
Kristopher Dahl does it in one of his videos.
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For me, it is even easier to do arpeggios in this manner because there is no trouble with picking and my left hand is much faster and accurate than my right so I benefit a lot when I do that