so i have a dilemma. My current rig is:
ibanez s470 with guitarheads active bridge pup->boss mt-2->zoom 606->peavey backstage.
Basically i'm tired of unwanted noise and all that stuff, so i'm going to sell my rig(except the s470) and buy a microcube or a cube 20x(leaning towards the 20x). Is it a right choice or i should stick to my rig?
and yeah, if im going to sell the stuff, whats better to get, a microcube or a cube 20x?

I play metal and stuff like steve vai,satch, and shred basically.
and yeah, i was looking at the vox valvetronix, mb they will suit me even better?
honestly, i'd say buy a new rig, but not the cube... Why not buy a small 5w valve amp? And some kind of metal/distortion pedal.
^ like which amp? and yeah, i need effects like delay, flanger,chorus, so if i get pedals and a valve amp and a distortion pedal, that could get quite expensive...