Can anyone give me any tips on how to make the fast bit of the introduction sound cleaner?

I can play it slowly fine, but when I play it up to speed it just sounds like a big mess. I'm trying to take my fingers off the notes after playing so they don't ring, and also trying to mute them a little bit with my thumb.

Just one of those things where Mr. Metrenome is gonna help. Start off slow and gradualy increase the speed whilst keeping it clean. Once you reach the point where you can't keep it clean practice at that point and then move on from there.
Which part? The very beginning? Or the Beginning solo?
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he means the beginning solo, at the arpeggiated part before the outro of the solo. i have the same issue
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I tend to sweep pick a few of those notes, sweep the arpeggios going up and down, takes some time to get clean but I'm happy with mine at the mo.
^ Word. This part has been killing me for over 9 years (Yes, laugh it up, I do). I'm recently trying to pick up speed and working this part has helped a lot.

Repetition and pacing are working for me. Just keep playing it again and again, day after day at a pace you're comfortable with. You'll play it faster and faster just doing this.
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play along with their live version first
they play that solo slower on live
that can help you
and +1 on the start slow
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Don't do all downpicking you'll look like a nut lol Like mentioned above slow sweep and up+down picking.
The arpeggiated part, i play it with sweep picking. I suggest to practice it playing it slow a number of times, say 4, repeat another 4 times up to speed, then go back playing slowly and so on...
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