Poll: What do you do with scratches on your high-gloss surfaces?
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View poll results: What do you do with scratches on your high-gloss surfaces?
Buff out anything that can be seen.
0 0%
Deal with only the conspicuous marks.
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Leave them alone; they're badges of honor.
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Voters: 15.
Before I bought a guitar completely covered in a glossy finish last month, I've only ever owned guitars with satin or non-traditional finishes because I was hyper-sensitive about scratches... Well, I still am.

So now that my L7 is beginning to show some scratches here and there -- one rather noticeable mark and many silky-thin streaks that are barely visible under the lights -- on the surface of the back/sides, I'm debating whether to look for some scratch removers or just leave them alone. Since I'm not really well-versed in this subject, would anyone care to provide some insights?
Well, it depends on your preferences.
Personally I think a guitar that has been put to good use (played to the ends of the earth) should look the part (worn, beaten, scratched).

But if you really dislike scratches you can lightly polish your guitar and remove them...whatever you prefer.
Understand that "buffing out" a scratch means removing the finish that surrounds that scratch to even it out. A deep scratch should be filled first, then finished, then buffed out, too minimize the removal of too much surrounding finish. To worry about the "silky-thin" streaks is a little too obsessive and a never-ending battle. Eventually you won't have ANY finish left on your guitar.
yeah i would go ahead and close the case on it one good time and get it over with its gonna happen sooner or later and you dont wanna be the guy crying or flipping out on someone because your guitar got scratched. if not then you may need to buy a beater guitar for playing and keep that one in its case 99 percent of the time.
Hahaha, I don't intend to keep it in the case and do nothing with it, as I've grown to love playing this thing every day.

I guess I'll learn to live with silky streaks. But I do intend to do something about the one that's a little deeper. Thanks for the input, y'all.
like the man said just dont thin your finish to much and rock on buddy happy strumming i was just kidding about the scratches hehe
scratches just mean that you give your guitar lots of love. especially if they're pick scratches.