Poll: Who do you think is going to win? (Not who do you support)
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View poll results: Who do you think is going to win? (Not who do you support)
2 22%
1 11%
2 22%
2 22%
Czech Republic
1 11%
0 0%
0 0%
1 11%
0 0%
Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Croatia, Russia or Romania
0 0%
Voters: 9.
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So UG who do you guys support.
What do you think of the coach decisions so far, choice of players etc ?
Anybody going to see a game or two?

my little rant:
Anybody pissed off that they changed the rules this year so that there are basically two sides on the table, teams can't go up against teams from the other side until the final.
Italy and Germany can only go up against each other in the final
if France and Italy go through, they'll probably play each other again in the semis

Germany is almost certainly a finalist (unless Portugal beat them, which I doubt)


Have fun
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You mean except the OTHER Euro 2008 thread that already has many posts?


I truly think Greece can go far in this tournament again. Our team has much more confidence and has many young and strong players to replace some of our ageing stars. Papastathopoulos of AEK will most likely be included which is good news, he is an excellent player with a very consistent performance. I put all my trust in King Otto Rehagel. Afterall, he brought Greece from 61st in the world to 8th!

I would also love to see Italy go far since Im part Italian, part Greek. If Greece get eleminated (I hope not) then Ill be going for Italy all the way!

Is anyone collecting EURO 2008 Panini stickers?