If anyone knows some easy solo's please post here.
Maybe if somone could list a easy ACDC solo, That would be great.
november rain-gun's and roses
and the bleeding by fiver finger death punch minus the sweep picking at the end of it
about everything by AC/dc It's not that hard and

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Fade to black.. intro solo.

One intro solo.

Black star solo.
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The solo from Freedom - RATM is very easy and slow, Also Settle For Nothing - RATM

(no effects required btw).
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TNT by AC/DC is a pretty basic one
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easy as pie...just pentatonic scales...if u havent learned your pentatonic scale i suggest doing that.
Try the solo from alive by pearl jam. This solo is not totally begginer, but it contains practically all soloing fundamentals, i learned it all the other month and it duplicated my soloing skills.
Its also fun to play