In your first few months of playing or even year did you find yourself kind of staring at the strings because you kept picking the wrong ones?

I have more problems actually hitting the right strings during chords than I do fretting, lol.

Is it normal?
yes, it's normal.
if you feel this way just look at you favorite guitarists and other talented musicians and imagen you doing all that. and as a begginer it's almoast never fun, but once you've learnd a little bit more you'l notice how fun it realy is to master an instrument.
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I did that before, but now I can do it just about all the time without looking...but I know some people that have played for liek 3.5 years and still have the problem. mostly because they never got into lead, they keep practicing chords alone...
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i have been playing for about 6 months, and i actually make mistakes with both my hands. meaning there are times i pick the wrong string and there are times where i press the wrong fret(basically screwing up the chord).
It's been a year now that I've been practicing fairly regularly and I still pluck the wrong string on occation. Chords don't give me much problem but sometimes I pluck the 3rd string when I should be plucking the 4th. I plan on introducing some string skipping exercises into my routine to get rid of this slop.
yeh i hate it when im doing it right towards the end of a song with everything done perfect then i miss a string and it just sounds sooooooo bad lol
yeahh weve all been through it...practice string skipping such as the intro to sweet child of mine or good riddance by green day. Keep doing stuff like that and you'll get comfortable with picking without looking. As for chords i just learned to mute all unwanted strings with my left hand
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This is totally normal. I looked at the strings a lot when starting out. A little exercise that I did to improve my acuracy at picking different strings was first, not looking at them. Then trying pick every string top to bottom. The pick each string bottom to top. After that, try pick every other string starting from the top, then do the same but on the bottom. These little picking exercises will help you, also you can just practice more.
that was my problem for the longest time until i started practicing scales...and chromatic exercises...
that stuff really helps eliminate that
i've been playing for 6 months and i just started playing w/out looking at my fretboard. practicing with a strap pushes me to not look also. when i'm learning a new riff though i have to look...