I am wanting to take either a MIM strat or tele and turn it into a pretty versatile guitar. I have played the stock fat strats and the stock humbucker sounds nasty (in a bad way). I am not a fan of the standard single coil bridge pickup in strats MOST OF THE TIME but I see a need to have it around at times. With regards to the tele, I love the sound of the single coil neck pup and the bridge pickup. However there are always a couple situations where I want a humbucker.

Question: If I were to get a standard SS or SSS tele or strat (respectively) and in the strat replace the bridge pup with a single coil sized pup such as the hot rails or do the same except with the neck pup on the tele, would it be possible to add a coil splitter to the single coil humbucker so I can get that single coil sound when I desire it?
yes you can do it with a push pull pot, very easy.

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Ok I figured so but I was a bit unsure whether the different design of a stacked pup would make it impossible to do so. Now that we have that out of the way, does anyone have a suggestion for a good stacked humbucker that would fit in a single coil slot?
Im not sure about the hot rails, but im pretty sure you can split the DiMarzio YJM pup, which is Yngwie Malmsteen's signature pickup. Its a stacked single coil

just look that up on dimarzio.com
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Hmm ok. I'll have to do that. Thanks for the suggestion. I am leaning towards doing the mod on a tele so I would be wanting the humbucker to be in the neck position which is something I'm finding a bit hard to find. I want a SD alnico II pro pup in the bridge.
i have a fast track in the neck of my strat with a hotrail in the bridge with push pots . works great and gives you a very versatile guitar with many tones
I've just bought a SD hot rail (STHR1B) for my tele & I'm thinking of capping/splitting the coil with a push/pull pot as I don't wanna lose the classics trebly tele SC bridge sound.

I've got a wiring diagram straight off the SD site -
Would this be the way people would recommend? I'm just slightly confused after looking into this on various forums and reading tapping/splitting/parallel/serial/hippopotamus.... My mind doesn't compute!