well the american is better, but thats not to say the MIM is bad, im savin for a MIM myself actually
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What have you got at the moment? Cause if its only like your 2nd bass I would recommend the MIM. Also what amp you got?
What colours do you like?

and also, could you answer my question i posted above ?
I have the Ibanez starter pack thing and my amp is also Ibanez. I had that thing for about a year now. done me alot of gud and im about ready to get a new one.
How much is your budget as I would recommend a new amp as a 5 watt amp will make a Fender sound pretty bad, trust me my low-end Ibanez (its a pretty bad bass as well) sounds like heaven on a 300w Ashdown Stack. But on a 5 watt amp it sounds like ****.

Personally if i were you i'd go with the MIM and get a Fender Rumble 100/115 if you have the money.
But. Do not buy anything until you have tried them out, you may find a better amp for around the price range that you like and also you might find a different bass that is much more to your playing style. And most things you can get cheaper in a shop.

For example you could say to them for both the amp and the bass that you'll take em both for $700 and then you'll either buy it at that or they'll say the lowest they can do it for.
Made in mexico, basically its where all the standard fenders are made.

And theres nothing wrong with the mexican ones, there just not AS good as the USA ones.
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I would look at Ashdown amps. I think they sound better, and they have more power then a similarly priced Fender Amp. I have a Rumble 100 BTW.
I like ashdown amps but don't have the money to buy the one i want yet.. Quite close though, but when I tested a Rumble 100 I was actually suprised that they were pretty good and that I wished I'd saved up a bit and got one.
at age thirteen i dont really think its a good idea to get a MIA.
unless you started playing bass when you where very young i dont think you are going to need one.
go for the made in mexico

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