Ok about two or tree days ago i posted a metal song that needed some readjustments. Some of you told me what is missing so i filled most of it in. if im missing anything else please tell me. Thanks
Updated Song.zip
arww..nice drums.. especially the intro
i liked the whole intro thing
the riffs are ok, normal metalcore stuff
bridge ♥
bar 80.. i thought the song was ending. (;
solo could be more creativ
let the guitars fade out (bar 111).. i think it would sound smoother
with vocals this would be a very good song.

i know, i cant crit that well.
Better :P

i think that measure 80 should be in 2/4 instead of 4/4, kinda keep the momentum rolling, maybe make the acoustic fade in as the distortion fades out.

Outro still needs some work.

i agree it should fade out, but i think you should add a harmony too it, and maybe some simple drums.

-that reminds me.
the drums were still very uneventful x.x

if you fix what i've mentioned, this would be a very good song, as is i give it a


nice improvements, but its still lacking a bit here and there :P