wrong thats the ultimate travelling ukulele
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the bridge looks horrible.

and the size of the guitar body looks bad too, it seems small shape and a really thick.

but i am only judging from the picture.

if i wanted a travelling guitar, id get one of those £50 acoustics.
Good God! Thats an ugly bridge...
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If somebody would come up with an affordable version of that thing, I'd love it! Who the hell needs that kind of quality in a guitar that you want to stuff into a travel bag to play in a motel?

Leif from DeVillain here.

Well, it's not used for just playing in a motel room. It's used for recording, songwriting, playing live and rehearsing. Just like any other good quality guitar, but this one is easier to bring with you. It's not just for flying either. Many of our customers use it for transport with bus, motorcycle, subway, bike and even skateboard (longboard).

That is the whole idea. When it's unfolded it's like any good quality guitar with DiMarzio pickups, Grover Tuners, Double Action Trussrod, CTS Electronics, Tonepros Bridge and so on. The only difference is that you can fold it in half for easier transport.

It doesn't affect the neck stability, the sound or the strings. We have been delivering these since July 2007 and haven't had a single return or complaint yet.

Say what you like about the design. Some love it and some hate it, but we would rather have that than no reaction at all.

There will be additional models later and also 3 different price ranges. We had to start somewhere and it was best for us to start with the Boutique Edition so we could be sure about the quality that we put our name on. We hand build these in our Swedish workshop and we also have some pretty rare open pore finishes like Blueberry. That is actual blueberries with an oil finish on top. Feels wonderful and looks great.

Let me know if you have any questions,
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Isn't this old? I think I saw this concept before the century turn.


Pretty cool none the less.

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Leif from DeVillain here.

Hai ther.

You should post here more often - you could probably give a lot of insight in the Electric Guitar or Customising forums.
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Hai ther.

You should post here more often - you could probably give a lot of insight in the Electric Guitar or Customising forums.

Agreed, it would help bring on the next generation of luthiers if we had a pro here to give advice.

As for the guitar, yup its an insane price that I will never be able to afford, but it is a great idea and sounds pretty good too. But I am 6'5" and I could never get to grips with a guitar as tiny as that
looks ugly, good idea tho

and its insanely expensive
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Hello again,

yes I should hang around here more often...
Just a lot to do with running a guitar company as well. ;-)

The insanely expensive comments are pretty interesting. It's definitely very expensive compared to mass produced asian guitars. What you have to remember is that this is the Boutique Edition that's hand built with only high quality parts. When you compare it to Anderson, Gibson Custom Shop, PRS, Rickenbacker or other high end guitars it's in the same price range - and you can't even fold those!

As a little spoiler I can tell you guys that we will also have a Slim Edition out later this year that will retail around 1200$. Made in Asia, mahogany body, maple neck, DeVillain high output humbucker and so on. We have the first samples in our shop now and they look and sound really great. I'll post in this forum when they become available.
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This is the ultimate travelling guitar:

that sexy thing is begging for some serious shredding action!

It would be perfect for like Dragonforce

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that sexy thing is begging for some serious shredding action!

It would be perfect for like Dragonforce

More or so MAB
i'd like to try one out. though the first thing that popped in my head when i saw pics of it was the guitar snaping shut on my hand like a rat trap that'd make a good spinal tap bit hahaha

but i really would like to try one.
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This is the ultimate travelling guitar:

That's exactly what I was going to suggest.