Several questions about mods I'm going to do:

-The single coil middle pickup in my (HSH) guitar is fairly crap, and I only want two pickups. I want to remove it, but how should I fill in the hole and make it look good? The guitar has a lovely sparkly blue finish, and I have no idea how to replicate it.

If there isn't a good way to do the above, I will leave the pickup in for the look and simply take it out of the wiring.

-Either way, I'm going to replace the existing controls (5-way selector, 1 volume, 1 tone) with a 3-way selector, 2 volume controls and 1/2 tone control(s). What values of pots should I use? And should I use two tone controls or just one? I like the idea of two tone controls, but does it make a significant difference? Do you get much more versatility and control over tone than with a single control?

-I might also add a coil tap to one, if not both, of the pickups, and again, my question is "is it worth doing?". Does a coil tap change the tone a huge amount, and would putting one for each pickup make a large difference?

Also, do you need to get pickups specifically for coil-tapping, or can you rewire any humbuckers to do it?

I'm also going to add a killswitch, but I don't really have any questions about that (there is, after all, a thread for it).

Sorry about the large amount of text, I just have a lot of questions.

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you better leave the single coil there coz it will be hard to fill up its space.
All you have to do is just remove the single coil wires and just let them lying around. Leave the wire insulation on so that the conductor will be covered.
For schematics check the seymour duncan website...really good and for humbuckers the pots should be 500K. Two tones are better than one for more control.
For coil tapping you need four conductor wire pickups. Unless you really like single coils it is not worth it.