Ok here is the deal.i have just sold an esp ec-1000 because i need the money and have had to downgrade.

i just played a guitar i want in my local store which is a lot cheaper than the ec-1000 i just sold but still a decent guitar. it played superbly, i very nearly got it. however i decided to wait and check out the internet prices. turns out i can get it for a big £75 cheaper online.

now what do i do? buy the one i tried out or get it cheaper but still brand new online? with the money i save i will upgrade the pickups as the stock pckups are garbage for playing metal. actually whichever one i get i will still upgrade the pickups

by the way, the guitar is a vintage v100. its a uk brand.

why do you need us to tell you? can you not make decisions for yourself?

Put it this way if the store you tried the guitar out was sound control you might not have much longer to try it out again because they're in administration at the moment and might be closing down. Mainly because of the exact reason you have mentioned - ie cheaper online.

hmmm, at least u played the one in store. its all trust and money me thinks.
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It's probably gonna cost the same or more if you buy it online, even if it's cheaper in price they will Jew you with additional shipping and handleing costs.
I would go in store if it was an expensive guitar but say £300- i would just get it online and have a store set it up for £20 and you will still save like £50
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well... it's the same guitar, i don't see why not, especially if it's cheaper.

Quote by leftajarandy
Mainly because of the exact reason you have mentioned - ie cheaper online.

You can't blame Sound Control's problems on internet sales as they were very much involved with on-line sales.

Anyway - if you are short of cash then go for it. I order loads of stuff on-line as I'm not made of money, plus my local shop is crap. The best guitar in the shop is Fender MIM strat!!
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1. It is MUCH better and more reliable to buy a guitar you have actually laid hands on, rather than buy it online.

2. You can haggle the retail price down about $200-500 if you pay with cash.
Quote by leftajarandy
why do you need us to tell you? can you not make decisions for yourself?

What the hell would the point of this board be then?

To TS: Get the in-store one. With shipping, you're bound to not save as much as you think.
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at my local store, you can show them prices on the internet of a guitar you want, and they'll beat it, sometimes barely, but they'll beat it. And without shipping fees, so it's awesome. Too bad they don't have the guitar i want.
They're a nice local store though, see if you've got any local stores with nice people in them near you. Sometimes they can order in a guitar, but some just don't carry certain brands.
Good luck, though!