I'm looking for an amp for practice and small gigs, up to £450. I play rock, nothing heavier than AC/DC and Randy Rhoads era ozzy, and blues. Anyone got and ideas? (Must be available in the U.K)

*edit* preferably valve
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JCM800 and a Tubescreamer for the Rhoads type stuff.
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having one myself, i'd say a laney vc-15 would be fine. 15 watts (as name hints) was loud enough for the only gig ive played so far, even with it turned to about 5/6. (It was a very small gig though, to about 15/20 people in someones extension. there is a 30 watt version, but that will be immensely loud)

the o.d channel can handle the blues, but you may need to boost it with a pedal or something to get a better rock sound.

it has 3 band eq, reverb, bright switch and overall tone knob that is shared between both channels. speaker extension and effects loop too.

i got mine for about £270 ish, so you could use the change to find some boost/dist/overdrive pedal with it.

hope that helps with your decision
yeh laneys are cool id go for a vc and u required power when u tried em out
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