wat is ur favorite type of guitar, bass, or drums? mine would be Fender standard jazz bass and my favorite guitar would be the Epiphone Standard les paul. I dont realy play drums so i dont have a favorite.
a small, smooth classical guitar.
an ibanez rg. i loved the warm tones on the neck pickup for clean. then humbuckers for distortion.
i don't know a lot about basses!
no idea about drums.
Guitar: Gibson SG. Any kind will do.
Bass: Musicman Stingray. Again, any kind will do.
Drums: The kind that make noise when hit.
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Has to be a Gretsch Electromatic, a Fender Precision Bass and I have no idea about drums
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Guitars: Any Jackson or Schecter (preferably with a Floyd Rose)
Bass: Music Man Stingray (Any)
Drums:The huge kit The Rev (A7X) has been using lately (by DW Drums)