I tried posting this in the "Guitar Gear & Accessories" section but got no replies so maybe I'll have better luck here.

I have the Boss ODB-3 and it just doesn't give me the sound I want. Anyone know of any bass tube amps that have a distorted channel? I've heard something about Mesa but I know nothing about them. I'm willing to save up to $2500 for an amp but I prefer something cheaper.
Tube amps are meant for tone tone tone if you want crunch go solid state. like a fender bassman series plenty of power and tone and crunch. FYI crunch too loud blows tubes.
Fulltone bass drive.

The ODB-3 is a fuzz pedal, not an overdrive. The fulltone overdrive in a similar manner to a tube head, giving a very smooth overdrive.
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As far as I know, there isn't a tube bass amp out there with an overdrive channel built in (that I've seen). I'd go with the Fulltone Bass Drive, it's made specifically to replicate an overdriven tube amp. It sounds like just what you want. Take the rest of your savings and buy a hell of a bass
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I've got the Ashdown OD pedal, and, it's awesome! i really wouldn't do without it, its got such a lovely tone, and i picked it up for about £50.

a lot cheaper then a new amp

hope this helps!
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