Well, I've been tapping a lot lately and checking all the lessons and so on, so I'm sure my technique isn't totally stupid, however on my main bass (Yamaha TRB1005), my tapping sound is pretty muddy.. It's weird because on my other bass (Yamaha RBX374) it's a whole lot cleaner.. So I thought I might need some kind of adjustment made to my bass.

Any help?
use the other bass instead?
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You need to get a Compressor, will make it sounds way better quickly, but yeah, new strings will help
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Play around with the equalizer. I think more treble/mid works for tapping.

I'm not sure of your situation but an adjustment to the bridge or neck may help.
For tapping you need to use the bridge pickup and boost the treble leaving the bass at zero. You might need to cut the bass a little but probably not. That should work. If that doesn't work its probably strings. I like elixirs.
I recommend new strings, look into Elixir, DR, and Rotosound. They're the three names commonly associated with high-end bass strings. That's my first guess at your problem. Next, if you know anyone/anywhere that has a compressor, run your bass through the amp clean and then with the compressor on (while tapping) and see if you notice a significant difference.
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