I am interested in starting to play guitar. I have been interested in buying and Epiphone but i don't know wich would be beter.

I have found these three that seem pretty good:

Please Help
LP custom. i like them
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I'd have to say the standard based on those guitars but there should be better in that price range.

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I have a Studio and a Standard - the Standard would be an excellent first guitar for sure

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i got a standard and i cant complain i wish i woulda got a ibanez or and sg though
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If you're starting guitar, I think you should get a started pack - it's cheaper. You never know - you may not even like playing it.
^+1, $500 is a lot to spend on something you might find you're not that into.
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Get the Les Paul Special II pack for $200. You dont even have an amp, so dropping at least $600-700 on both a guitar and an amp is stupid for a beginning player. I've been playing close to 3 years now and I havent even gotten a new guitar yet. The Special II is an awesome guitar, dont judge it by its looks or price.