Last Saturday I ordered a EX50 Electric Guitar with a black finish of www.richtonemusic.co.uk, and it was delivered to my house today.

I opened it up and after a while of testing it out with my new distortion pedal i've discoved that, I recieve a buzzing sound and it seems the E string is hitting one of the metal seperators inbetween the frets. It only does this on the E string. I came here though to ask how I can fix this problem, it's hitting somewhere on the fretboard, only slightly, and also it's not buzzing on the amp either, just the Guitar, it's reall annoying.

Anyone know how I can fix this problem? Because I have no idea, Tech idiot here
all you need to do is heighten the action slightly. easy peasy
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^+1, raise the action so the distance between the metal frets and strings is bigger, hence no buzzing should occur.

Above the string holder bit (where the ball end goes) theres the bridge with all the saddles, the two big screws adjust the action.
be careful, it's simple, but could damage still.

EDIT: I apologise for the big picture.