I've heard nothing but amazing reviews for this AMP. It's a tube amp that's said to be able to replicate mesa dual rectifier gain in it's main distortion channel, have good hard rock crunch in it's second channel and have amazingly sparkly cleans in it's third.

AMP of my dreams, or is it just a whole load of crap?

I mean, surely no amp can do all this, cost less then any of the originals it's compared to, have a footswitch, and a whole buncha independant channel operated features. Please tell me that this amp is really as good as I hear?

This was the amp I was planning to get, I'm not an audiophile at all yet, but I ehar this thing is built like a tank too, and would last me for as long as I needed.

Recently though, it seems tooooo good to be true.

So, your thoughts, opinions, etc?
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its true its abeast check out youtube some guy posted 3 videos, one clean, one rock and one metal and i couldnt believe it. i ordered one today but sadly it got backordered till june 3
Traynor has a badass warranty too. 2 years, no questions asked. It was described to me that I could throw down a mountain, and Traynor would fix or replace it.
It really is a downright fantastic amp. I was well on my way to buying one until I found a deal on my Decatone. It's easily the most versatile tube head anywhere near it's price range, and it sounds great.
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traynor makes good amps. i played the ycs and its a great amp. for the price that is. i mean your not gonna get dual rec, jcm 800 and a twin reverb in one amp. especially for the price. but it is a great amp for the money and you should try it out.
I own this amp and have for maybe 6 months. Its amazing. Best amp i've ever heard and if I could have any amp this would be it. Amazing high gain, crunch and clean tones. Even at practice volumes its pretty good. How much are you payin for it.
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Not sure yet. I'm probably going to get it around thsi time next year, so around 1000 $. Maybe I'll look used, we'll see. I wanna try it out. OGnna look for a place to do that now.
Blackstar HT-5

Agile AL-2000 with Chrome Hardware