Hey Guys I have been playing for a year and half seriously as in taking lessons and playing Everyday. My favorite band is Dream Theater and yeah Petrucci is quite amazing in my eyes. My problem is when I go to learn songs I try to learn Dream Theater. I can play Root of All Evil besides the solo. Most of Voices, most of Endless Sacrifice, As I Am, Pull me Under. But I suck at solos. I know Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria but can't play the solo. What Im saying is I suck at Solos and what are some good songs to learn the solo with because I really suck at them. I know the 7 diatonic scales, 5 pentatonic scales, Blues Scale, I know quite a bit of Arpeggio shapes. I just cant put them together for solos.

So What are some songs with cool good solos that arent that hard and any ideas for putting all those things I know into solos? Thanks in Advance
try the starting solo to metallica - one (not the electric one after the machine gun part but the clean one)
thats the 1st solo i learned....
also the solo from Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Metallica (not the solo which is at 4.27 but the one before that.. the one right at the starting)
oh btw im not a metallica fan... just like 4 or 5 songs by them... apart from that they suck haha
just that some of their solos are really good and give good finger practice...
I think you need to go for easier songs with easier solos. Petrucci is setting the bar pretty damn high. You should work up to it.
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Hahah I know Petrucci is setting it high. That's my problem and thats what I was asking for easier songs to learn. Thanks for the suggestions on Metallica solos to.
Take a look at Megadeth's album Countdown to Extinctioon. Mustain's playing was amazing as always, but some of the songs are pretty easy to pick up after you have general idea of th solo structure.
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Yeah that's another song I know Youthanasia haha Except for the solo never really tried to learn that one. I know Return to Hangar and Daves first solo in that also. But thanks for the suggestions guys. I appreciate them.
the nothing else matters solo is a goodun to learn, uses the eminor pentatonic shape to my knoledge
I usually start playing the slower songs. I'm a satch fan..so

The forgotten II, Until we say good bye, The love things, starry night.
They're easier to figure out becuase they're slower and without alot of background
noise.lol There might be a couple if measures that joe will rip though a scale.
So i don't spend too much time trying to figure what the hell that is..
This way I'm able to play a complete song with melody and solos.

Plus they sound purdy so my GF don't mine if i crank it up and play along
with it.
Well if you wanna develop your soloing technique, as boring as it sounds, keep playing those scales, getting faster and faster, then try playing them in their 'boxes' along the guitar. I'm no theory whizz but I know some scales, and can play them quite quickly I suppose, and that helps when it comes to improvisation. also, if you're improvising, don't just play fast for the whole thing, adding some bends/harmonics every now and again can really make it sound a lot nicer. Also, tapping is quite an easy technique to learn, and can come in quite handy when you're looking for speed.

As for songs, I'd agree with what's been said, Metallica, almost any metallica solo really, just don't get ahead of yourself. also, Alice in Chains have some pretty easy solos that sound cool, try 'them bones'.
AC/DC solos. They're really easy, and they start introducing how a solo works. Suggestions:
You Shook Me all Night Long, The Jack, High Voltage.
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How did I know the first response would be Metallica...............................

Try something like a Santana song...or Hotel California by the Eagles was the first solo I ever learned.
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