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Theme Park
25 47%
28 53%
Voters: 53.
Should i quit my job at a theme park, where i have to get up at half 7, to ride a bus for an hour. I get to work outside all summer, but I dont like it there, and apart from maybe 5-6 people, I hate everyone there too. They also owe me £60

Or should i go work at tesco, which is just down the road, and get paid more. however, it will be full of chavs and squaddies having a go at me cos i have long hair.

If i had a choice, I wouldnt have a job at all at the moment, but i need to save up for Leeds Fest stuff, and a new amp.

anyone have an advice or similar experiences at either work enviroments?
You know what it's like at the Theme Park. If you can tolerate it, stay. You don't know how Tesco could be.
I work in a supermarket and it sucks. I'd rather work in a theme park.
I'd go for Tesco.

**** the chavs

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Theme Park looks a hell of a lot better on your CV than Tesco. You probably get a wider range of experiences there, I'd stick with it even if you don't like it. It's not forever after all. I know a few people who work/worked at Tesco and other supermarkets, and I really think you're better off. They say the work is degrading and the pay's rubbish, not to mention how you're treated by customers and managers alike. It sounds like you're not confident about how you'll get on with other members of staff there, so even if you dislike most of the ones you work with now at least you know what they're like.
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I'd go for Tesco.

**** the chavs

ye they're immature prats with nothing better 2 do than have a go at someone who's different

they laugh coz we're different we laugh coz they're all the same
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I'd stay at the theme park. You can't really appreciate working outside in nice weather until you've spent a few weeks stuck indoors. Take it from me, working outside is worth the bull****.
I'd love to work in a theme park.
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Theme Park

i can't even believe your contemplating turning down a job at a theme park

Its a Theme Park for Gods sake!!!

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I think i'll stick with the theme park for a couple more months, at least until after leeds fest. Work through all the bull ****

I can only work there up until october anyway cos it closes for the winter, then i can concetrate more on college.

I cant really see myself working around a bunch of squaddies all summer anyway
Theme Park, definetely.

I worked for Tesco's over the christmas holidays and it's true, the managers look down on you as if you are filth, and speak you to like so, not to mention the customers.

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don't work at tesco, seriously, you'll hate it much more. i know people who've worked at tesco and apparently it's appalling.
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Go to Tesco.....with a bat.
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a few of my friends got jobs at Tesco. They don't mind it, the pay is good and no-one ever has a go at them for their long hair. Go for it, but get that £60 before you quit.
Tesco, if they give you grief about your hair, then get a haircut cut you dirty mosher.

Otherwise, working in a theme park sounds awesome.
Funny words.
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Tesco, if they give you grief about your hair, then get a haircut cut you dirty mosher.

Otherwise, working in a theme park sounds awesome.

haha. never. i've put 4 years worth of work into this juicy mane.

and i think the main reason i took the job at the theme park is so i could use it as a conversation starter.

Theres been mixed responses about working at tesco, my friend is getting a job there, i'll ask him what its like after a couple weeks. But it isnt the best of tesco's, i mean my sister and her friend got attacked by a group of 10 round the back of it a few years ago
If you work in a theme park you'll be so jealous of all the people coming off the rides and being sick. I'd say go in Tesco. Fuck the chavs and take a gun.
Which theme park are you at? I work at a theme park now and have previously worked at sainsburys, I preffered working at sainsburys and I think it'd probably look better on your cv than a theme park. All down to personal opinion though i guess.
I'm intending to apply for a job at a theme park in the summer. Maybe I can have yours, where are you?
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Stay, I'd rather spend most of the time outside plus i'd wager the general quality of work will be better.
I'd stay with the theme park, it's better than being harassed.
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