i like my Pignose 7-100 for what it is-- a portable knock-around with a good bluesy/classic rock crunch. its a cool little toy, but have any of you tried their all-tube combos?
i'm interested in finding out more about their g40v and the g60vr. are these any kinda decent for bedroom practice and jammin with friends? how's their tone, and do they accept pedals well? (Bad Monkey, TubeScreamer, etc)

i'm not expecting a miracle from either of these, but they gotta be better than the mg i just unloaded. anyone ever try one or the other?

Quote by Horlicks
They are pretty poor IMO

thats kinda what i was thinkin, and from what ive seen in other threads, thats the general outlook.
im thinkin of gettin a VK, and just lookin at other, possibly cheaper options...
I will differ and say the G40 is an excellent practice, bedroom, and jamming amp. the G40 is extraordinarily loud if you want it to be but sounds good at low volumes too. I use the G40 alot and particularly for practice after about 10 pm. the 10 inch speaker isn't as bassy and boomy as my 1x12 Ashdown combo which tends to shake the walls even at lower volumes.

it takes pedals extremely well. It is NOT a metal amp on its own and I don't play metal, but I tried my Jeckyl and Hyde distortion on the metal setting and I would guess its as metal as you want it to be.

Now you'll have to decide whether replacing the stock speaker and tubes and getting a distortion pedal in addition to the USD 320 price for the amp is worth the cost or simply get more of a dedicated metal amp in the first place for say around USD 500 if that is possible. keep in mind the G40 doesn't have reverb or an effects loop either.

the speaker and tube replacements are recommended. I put a Celestion V10 speaker, a EH 12AX7 in tube position VI and a 12AT7 in V2, and changed the power tubes to JJs. I think its amazing sounding with the upgrades.