woop woop! bascially about an hour ago i finshed my first year of my HND in Design and i passed (although only just) and now i have 3 and half months before next year starts lol

so my question is, what to do...? i kinda realized today that 3 and half months is ages
gunna play bass alot and see my girlfriend alot thats a given, but what else?

any ideas UG?
Play your girlfriend and see your bass.
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This seems to be happening a lot.As in ^^^

Or so ive observed,Probably the same people who flame for using the searchbar.But when theres a genuine thread...That happens.Pathetic,ordinary.
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I offered a useful suggestion... :

Yeah sorry,You did actually.
I know its a laugh and all.And ive only just joined..But ive been reading there forums for weeks and its a tad annoying,you know.Sorry if i seemed,idk.
way to spam up the thread guys.

threadstarter: do whatever you want. clearly UGers are too stupid to offer decent suggestions.
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