Okay, I've finally managed to save up some money

Here's the thing though, I've got a selection of 3 amps on my list, with one I'm leaning towards. This will be a practice (Thats all I do) But, I really would hate to end up regretting my decision.

Valveking 112. Leaning towards that. On paper its much better than the other two. However, volume is an issue. I dont really need that much power (The 30w SS Crate I'm jacking around with is plenty loud as it is), BUT, who knows? Maybe I'll use that power sometime.

Then theres the Cube30/Valvetronix selections. More versatility from what I've heard (Well, I should hope a modeller is more versatile), but, there modellers. Not sure if thats what I really want.

As you can see, I'm REALLY leaning towards the VK. I'm ALMOST set on it, But, with that extra power, I'm not to sure. Just seems a little overkill right now. It fits for most everything but the power. Just not sure yet. Having read on here that 100W is twice as loud as 10W, I'm slightly more assured, but, I'm wanting to know what you guys think. Is the VK 112 a wee bit much for a practice amp?

(BTW, I play most anything that sounds interesting, so versatility is a big plus.)
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Nice choices of amps, the vox should be good for practising and is versitile. but the other amps r good 2 u cant go wrong.
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Go for the valveking. It wont be overkill in the 112 model.

Its a great amp from everything i have read. I will also be buying this amp in the not too distant future
Also, at some point (after I get the amp) I'll likely be going into the world of pedals (I need a Wah, lets just say that (And that Digitech Whammy would be nice also (I play alot of Audioslave right now (Current flavor of the month)

So, that's another thing I'm a little worried about (And a wee bit trickier to try out), especially with the modellers. Seems like a bad recipe, but I'm not sure, anyone care to enlighten me?
Life is like an Empty Box, there could be something exciting in it at first look, but upon further review, well, it's empty.

I'd actually recommend the Vox AD30VT or the Cube - yes they're solid-state, but it saves you the additional worry of pedals, trying to achieve what you want with a variety of gear, etc. I wish, back when I started learning guitar, someone had pointed me at the Vox's or the spiders or whatever and said "look, start here, it has headphone jacks, built-in tuners, you can get close-enough to all the songs you want to learn, and then when you actually know what you're really doing, you can start diving into more advanced gear" - it took me a long time to understand that. That said, I now can play well enough that I prefer to play through pro gear, and force myself to really understand their characteristics and play to them, but for recordings and to simplify my pedal situation, I still use POD modellers to this day. But, I usually have it plugged into a Marshall or Mesa tube amp, so I'm getting the best of both worlds
it's hard to go wrong with any of those, to be honest- as long as you buy one of the smaller models of the modellers, you haven't wasted too much cash if you want to upgrade to tube later (and they'll probably still be fun even when you do, just for the range of tones at low volumes), or you could go for the valveking, for less versatility but better "real thing" tone.

really up to you, best if you can try them to see if you like the vk's tones at low volumes. if you do, i'd probably go with the vk.
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