Today I 'tried' to set up my new XMM Digitech Metal master distortion pedal, but I thought of the obvious thing doing this.

AMP ---- Distortion Pedal ----- Guitar.

But, i turned on the pedal, for a bit, and managed to test some effects for about 2 mins, before it looked like it turned itself off, and now it won't come on, and when I managed to get it on, the power light was very dim.

It says I can use a 9v Power Adapter to plug into the pedal, if it runs out of battery, which it did, i think. And when I plug the 9v lead into it, it fits okay, but the pedal still fails to turn on.

I don't know if its the plug thats faulty, or maybe I need to replace the battery or something..

Also, i have no idea how the you program the pedal into different effects, and then your able to turn the pedal on and off for those effects, because in the short time I was able to test it, I only got a continous high pitch noise coming from the amp when I tried different effects.

I don't know what to do, lol. Halp.
You hooked it up right.

Was the 9v adapter made for pedals, or just generic kinda thing.

If you don't have a wallwart specifically for the pedal, get one.

Sounds like a dead battery to me. You won't wanna use batteries for long with a digitech.
Yeah, I just found a random 9v plug that seemed like it fitted the socket, and it's quite loose though.

I'm just gonna order me a official one and replace the battery.