I Played one of these at a music shop im not really a strat lover but this was really nice and well made guitar. Fella in the shop tells me they are designed by the man who used to design fenders can anyone confirm this and how do they compare with fenders in build quality.
Yes, its true that they are designed by Leo Fender, and the quality is much better compared to Fender's quality.
Yup. G&L was created by Leo Fender (you guess who he is).

In fact, he said G&L instruments were better than Fender itself, but, you know, the man hasn't been around for 17 years.

Anyways, I always heard G&L makes great guitars.
yeah, they're the company fender set up after leaving fender (or after leaving musicman, i can't remember which). either way, mr fender was indeed involved with the company (he was involved with musicman too). for once a guitar shop dude isn't spinning you a **** and bull story...
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I tried one out before as a random occurance.. I was trying out an Amp and he handed me a G&L Strat with a 500 dollar pricetag on it.. It felt amazingly well build and Nice for the few Minutes I used it.. very easy to play and quite the eye catcher with the pearl looking pickguard and Light Blue Finish.. I even had to compliment the shop owner about the guitar.. almost bought it.. but not a fan of Single Coil Tones so.. It was a predicament
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I tried a G&L Tribute guitar not too long ago. Was a hollow body Tele-type guitar. Absolutely stunning instrument. I couldn't find anything to fault it on.


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I like em better than Fender's. They don't feel like a toy like a lot of Fenders do.
what price do these start at (in american/canadian dollars)?
Are they expensive, about how much do the low-level ones cost?
I recently purchased a G&L Tribute S-500 (strat style). And it has a very bright tone. The neck is a bit wider than my Standard Strat, but it didn't take long to get used to it. It is a very nice guitar.