Do any of you guys have a room in your house dedicated to all your music stuff? Post a pic and let's see it.
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my bedroom is my music room. i can't show you a picture because your head would explode from its epicness.
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yeah, I use my room too, and I have a drum kit in my conservatry, and that's where I jam with other people, but generally I play up in my room, that's where all my guitar equipment is. Don't have a picture though, sorry.
My mainstation is my bedroom. Its a bedroom with lots of posters and everything...the guitar stuff is in a walk in closet I don't use.

My basement is my band's station. I have a Peavey down there and I just transport a guitar and my board down there when everyone cones over.
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I have a computer room/ game room in my basement i use. I would like to make it into more of a music themed room but i have to sell my pool table first to make room in here =(
I'm currently renting out a room at my parents house as our practice space/demo recording space cause we don't really want to go out there and rent one from someone thats going to charge us more than what we already pay and I think by tomorrow sometime there should be pics up on our myspace of it... It needs to be repainted I know but yeah, I will have them up then!
My living room. I got an apartment with a guy I went to high school with and all of our amps guitars, basses, etc. are in the there so whenever we're sitting around we and an idea comes we can work it out or whatever.
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My sister's friend has a room half devoted to guitars and half devoted to remote control cars.

The funny thing is him and his brother share a room.
Well I'm in school right now, but I'll describe it...

One Black and White checkerboard wall
One black wall
One White wall
one wall half black and half whte that meets in the middle.

black bed, with white pillows, black carpet.
White chairs, black dresser, 2 guitars on the wall (guess the colors)

oh yeah and a beanbag chair, haha god i love those things.
Well shit man.
i wish i had that kinda money..i have a 100 pound starter pack and a pod to live off babyboo

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Quote by metallicafan616
i wish i had that kinda money..i have a 100 pound starter pack and a pod to live off babyboo

You'll get there someday friend
i have all my gear in an unfinished basement but it own cause i put carpets, posters and i have a fridge for beer and all the other great things, but its pretty pimped out for a unfinished basement i love it cause it has no distcractions just my instruments/ amps/ pedals, cds, an old record player, stero and other fun stuff so i bassically spend 6hrs a day in a hole plauing guitar
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Being in band requires most of my guitar to reside in my drummer's basement. Shag carpet, a computer, foosball, epic home-stereo.

You get the picture.