today i've bought a tanglewood active canyon bass, been on it when i got home n went absolutely fine, a minute ago i plugged it back in, n i heard a quite fizzin noise, what is this?
Battery is flat?
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the noise that comes when you plug the cable in with your amp on?
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Does it fizz when you play the bass? If so, change the battery.

when i plug it in it fizzes, doesn't fizz so much when trebles turned down
Then its not the battery, I guess turn the highs down a bit to get rid of that annoying hum, does anyone else have a solution?
Bad lead, or input jack.
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Could be mains hum?
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Brand new bass, hopefully it's not something on there. How old is your cable? Could just be bad connection or something, pretty weird for it to just crap out like that but I'd say your cable has a better chance of having that happen than your bass.
might be radio signals...
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