Part 1 - Vietnam - To Win The Lottery

Ok, you, you’re on my team
The guy with last decade’s jeans on,
Patches on the knee resemble the family
Member they were handed down from,
Not once, but twice removed.
Does everyone know the play?
Alright good… Break!
A mad shuffle and we’re gone.

No one really knew the play
But none would admit it,
Captain Johnson wasn’t one to be questioned
Though none of us displaced ourselves
So far from home by choice.
What small Indiana town had tanks?
Surpassing our legs,
Laboring tirelessly into the night.

And night.
What suburb had to fear being bombed
In and out of dreams?
Not one that any of us had lived in.
The thought was laughable,
As was the thought of any of us living in a suburb.
It wasn’t Them who fought the war.

We were accustomed,
Accustomed to being let down,
Accustomed to demands that They would never
Or maybe, could never, meet.
It was the damn lottery that sent us here,
We all won
But no one thought of it that way.

Constant state of filth
Hardly ever a break in the gunfire,
The grenades, the trip wires.
The dark couldn’t hide you but it could hide them,
And they knew.
Beginning to think if recklessness
Had its benefits.

We should feel happy
Shouldn’t we?
After all, everybody loves winning the lottery.

Part 1 of The Evolution Of The Draft. (Part 2 coming later)
On the eight day we spoke back...

let there be sound.
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