okay so i have lots of subjects of songs, and emotions i wanna put into words, i just dunno how with out using lines from other songs....any tips for a new songwriter....thanks in advace.

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Writing a song (for me, at least) is like writing a poem, except it has to have a flow. Try imagining some guitar, find the rhythm, then put words down. It does take a little thinking, but don't get discouraged.
just write i tried once, sucked, then tried again later and i could do it. it takes tiem to come up with something worthwhile, but keep trying
The only way to improve is to do it.

Keep writing. Write everything down and look at it later, most will be cringeworthy but some gems will be there. Keep these written down separately for use later.

Eventually the stuff you write will become more personal (and unique). I won't offer any other advice because I don't want to influence you.

Just have the confidence to write what you want and if it sounds like a line from another song then... so what? People have been writing lyrics for hundreds of years, some are bound to be similar. The difference is in the details.

Oh, one final piece of advice (I always do this...). Think of your favourite songs. Do all the lines make sense if taken as a single sentence? Probably not. Sometimes the feel of the song is more important than the lyrical content.