hey everyone. well my band is divided between the direction we want to go. Some of us want to go into the realm of Technical/Progressive hard rock and Metal. but some of us want to keep what we've been doing which is be just straight Metal and add more Progressive vocal lines and more melodies in our music. i love to play technical music but i also like to just rock out on stage and not have to sit there with the technicality holding me back. just reply to this about what you think would be a good thing for us.

our website is www.myspace.com/anewbeginningnow

check us out n tell us what u think we should do.

thanks a lot,

why not both? just have some songs of each? can't check out your myspace though, for it is blocked at school.


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Do both. They aren't mutually exclusive, after all. Do a few songs in each style and see what works. Maybe you could even mix the two styles sometimes, progressive but with a mixture of technical and simpler passages. Obviously, if your songs in one style tend to suck (as judged by the whole band, of course), you may want to favor the other approach, but give it a few months before passing judgement. After a while your band's style may even solidify somewhere between the two, hopefully at a point where everyone's happy.
we have considered doin that. we are probably gunna send two demos out one being technical and one being just metal and see which one takes off.

thanks. check us out at home if u wanna.
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Also, people who wear Monster swag are automatically douches.
Try them both and see what works and what doesn't, then worry about changing officially.
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Well I don't know what the probem woud be with being progressive because it essentially allows you to move in whatever creative direction you want.
istening to you stuff now. Decent but I'm not a big fan of the growing (not saying it's bad, I have a natura bias towards growing). The main vocas are good but maybe with some vocal practice and better EQing you coud get a really powerful sound. I'm not gowing to even comment on the shtate of the guitar tone and tuning/intonation probems. Nice guitar playing though.
Overall, kickass music but work at it more and you coud get something real special.

EDIT When you say more progressive, what exactly do you mean? Gimme some exampes of bands.

EDIT 2 On a bigger listen, I see that some songs are a bit weak. Not bad in any way but not great.
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by more progressive i mean that some members want to fully go into Dream Theater type stuff which all of us have the capabilities of doing and we love to push ourselves to the our limits and even further, but im kinda weary about going full-on into a technical style b/c then we limit our fanbase b/c usually only musicians appreciate that type of technicality. what do you think?
It shouldn't be entirely about what your fans want you to do. You've gotta do what you want to do musically and satisfy yourself, and fans will emerge (if your music is good). There is a huge market for technical music.

Your drummer seems like he's a little bit too active in a few parts of that song "Run" in the bridge. It's quiet, and it may sound a little bit better without the sixteenth notes and growling. The sixteenths sound cool at the end of the bridge in the solo, but in the beginning, they don't really work well IMO.
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