The most technical piece I've ever composed. It sounds better played quietly, and RSE needs to be on to make it sound best. I always put my instruments on RSE, but keep the drums on midi, so ideally that's how I'd listen to this song, and all my others.
Overall not bad, quite enjoyed it actually, intro was quite good, the song got my attention when the chords kicked in, to me the song it was pretty unique cuase if asked me who does it remind me of I couldn't really say anybody (anybody I listen to anyway), the solo was very good, one thing I dislike is some people think the faster you play the better it sounds, but that solo clearly proves it wrong, good sound without going through to much effort.

Overall, not bad, personally 7.5/10 (Partly cause its not usually what I'd listen to)
I like steak!
Very good piece.
I just dont see why you put the notes on the second voicing.
The intro did get my attention, very nice chords and rhythm.
The same applies for the rest of the song. I actualy liked everything.

But Rwhite88, what solo are you talking about?
Ahh, lol, yea nice little solo, was a little low on the volum, but thats probebly cause i dont use RSE cause my comp is ****ed.
Dont know what its called in english.
You know, the thing that makes your notes gray.
Theyre played on the bass tab. You get to it by pressing ctrl+2.
This was really sweet. Made me all dreamy. I really liked it. I love the Chorus. It's energy bursting with sOOOO much melody and feeling. It all kinda flowed. Again i say, i love the chord!

Easy 7,7/10 from me. Because this song has attitude!


Quite pleasent to listen to, something different to all the metal stuff in here ( which i btw produce myself ) , really like the intro and the outro , , in my opinion from time to time it gets a bit repitive after the first chorus but thats maybe the midi file as I don't have RSE , but all in all a good song , keep it up

Please also crit my new Progressive Metal Intro

Strat, I dunno if you have a thread for that, so I'll do it here I suppose...

The intro was kickass, the bit where the song starts, and the audience starts cheerin'. Apart from the that, the instruments were a bit hard to hear, compared to the singer, but that's clearly the recording's fault. Very enjoyable listen overall, I listened twice in a row
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that was amazing! i like the occasional break from the shredding solos and junk. this was relaxing without being boring. good job