Just want to know, does anyone use a bass amp when playing guitar? I heard a few bands do it, but does it actually make a good tone, or is it just a gimmick. And i play hard rock with some blues etc influences, would it be worth getting a bass amp to try it?
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Not worth buying a bass amp to just use it for a regular guitar.

Go to a store and try it
The Bassman was originally designed as a bass amp, look what happened.
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I was bass player before I was a guitarist and so I just use my bass amp for my guitar. It works just fine for practice. It gives you a nice warm tone and you can get probably alot louder than a guitar amp of equal watts. I have a Peavey Predator EXP and my amp is a Behringer 60W Bass amp. I wouldn't go out and buy a bass amp just to play your guitar on it but if you take up bass guitar too then it's a good idea to just use a bass amp.
I use a Marshall head through a bass amp, it has an awesome tone, and alot of variations are possible. Really it's up to you depending on the sound you want.
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Depends on what amp it is, and what speakers you're using. Plugging my guitar into my Traynor bass combo that's got a 15" speaker just sounds muddy.
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If both a bass amp and guitar amp are all tube, you will notice that Bassamp tend to be darker and bassier, since a guitar amp's preamp tend to use higher cathode capacitor value. Also, I notice that bass amps tend to be a bit cleaner.

Thus, a well designed bass tube amp is good for blues; maybe not so much for metal, though.
Still, that time I tried out my guitar on the YBA200 is just plain fun... Reviews on Harmony central indicate that it distort early, which is hated by bassist but love by us, so I may get that amp as my head in the future (or just rent it... go to love L&M for that!)

EDIT: Would personally love to try SVT if it's not so expensive.
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