So about a year and a half ago, i recieved this from my parents.

So I've been playing around that thing for some time now, and i feel that it's time to upgrade. I first went searching in my local paper to maybe find some good local deals and i say an ad that said,

"Peavy Millinium BXP Bass, Drive CD 300B amp, gig bag, bass stand, two cables, tuner, picks, and books; Bass Guitar for Dummies, Teach Yourself Bass, The Rock Bass Lines Big Book, The Bass Grimoire, Metallica for Bass. It's all in great condition, I just don't have time to mess with it anymore. $375 for all."

I did some research and it seemed like a pretty decent deal, but i think i'm going to try and talk the dude down to about 300 bucks. I was wondering if this would be a good investment. Any thoughts on the bass or what exactly a "Drive CD 300b amp" is would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
Slap a bass, not a ho.
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