Its got amost all of the things I want in a V. String thru, Nice shape its got a set neck which is good enough. If I bought it I'd get new tuners and bridge upgrade. New PUP's and pots, jack. Pretty much redo the whole thing maybe even a paint job. The question to you Gurus is do you think the build of the guitar itself is worth the money and effort? I'd love to build my own guitar but money and time wont allow that.

go for it. unless you are not willing to risk it
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i dont believe its mahogany at that price but yeah go for it
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Building is definitely worth the effort! It's probably cheaper and easier for you to buy that though. A set-neck, mahogany bodied RR-style V for £90 new is a bargain.

If you buy that, you'd probably only need new tuners and pickups. HZs sound like ass, and cheap tuners are a ballache.

Don't make any decisions until you buy and try it. Oh, and if you don't have the time to build your own guitar, don't take on a paint job. You should really take your time with painting, otherwise you won't be happy with the results.

Edit: Like other people have said, it's unlikely to be mahogany at that price and weight. If you can, give them a call, then quiz them about it.
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a friend of mine bought two of the Agile PS-970's and did pretty much the same thing your talking about. He changed the pups, pots to push pull so he could split the coils, and checked it over thoroughly. It is a really sweet playing guitar and sounds great with the Duncans he put in it. I know this is a different kind of guitar but he also did one of their SX KY1's the same way and he said it is just as nice as the Agile. So I think it should turn out fine.
Im sure that it would be better than anything I could build and cheaper too. I think some sperzels and D-Activators would do it nice and I might have a nice guitar.
Ive heard some good things about the company and buying factory direct helps bring the price down. I'll contact them about the Mohoganny body...lol...
I personally don't like mahogany, and especially not for a metal sound. I think the woods to bass ee and rich. I really like alder...but these are just my personal opinions...
I think if you do mod it, i wouldn't put active pick ups in it...duncans would be nice I'm sure. I personally advocate hot rodding a squier or a peavey over this guitar you pictured but if you really are in love with the body and specs then i suppose it is a real bargain.