right, at the moment i have a fender squier which isnt so great, ive got a nice amp though so not too bad, and im getting a new guitar when my GCSE's are over, i like jacksons, and i LOVE the look of the RX10D but i dont know who it sounds, the guitar shops near me dont have it so i cant tes it so anyone have anythoughts, btw, my amp is a Kustom 35 DFX
I found it a pretty good guitar for its price range. The equivalent LTD I played was a piece of crap compared.
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i have it and i love the polka dots. humbuckers are great. the only thing is the jumbo frets. i had a squire and it was a bit of a learning curve. everything else is perfect. its just like an RR3
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I played one to try out the Rhoads shape and it was a really nice guitar! I wasn't playing through that great of an amp either. I'm putting an RR3 on lay away today!