Well I've decided to build a bass guitar for a present... i have five months to do it so time is not important. But first off all I have some questions about the different types of wood and etc.

First - Does the style of the body affect the tone, sustain and so on seriously? I mean if the body is small and jagged can it reduce the quality of the sound and vice versa. What if I make it without a body?

Second - What are the specific properties of different kinds of wood - the tone (bright, warm, crackling, damp....) and also the sustain.

Third - The neck, what if I make a neck go through the body? Or the engravings on the fretboard - how can I make them.

And at last - the pups - I already have one finished single pickup. It's tubular . However - how the distance between the pickups and the middle of the string (12fret) affect the tone and the output?

Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated . And I'll try to post some pics also.

Cheers and thanks in advance.
1. The shape gennerally doesnt affect the tone much (if at all) but size does affect sustain and tone to a point, Imo i wouldn't go with an extremely small body

2. http://www.warmoth.com/bass/options/options_bodywoods.cfm

3. A neckthrough greatly increases sustain

4. generally the further from the 12th fret/closer to the bridge, the brighter the sound

@the more experienced builders: if I am wrong on any of these points, sue me. I've been away from building for a long time.
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3. A neckthrough greatly increases sustain

There have been many, many tests done on this. The difference in sustain is negligible, if existent at all.

I used to think that too... and I took a lot of convincing Some guy did a test or something.

science says no
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Either way neckthroughs look infinitely badass if done right. I kinda want to make a bass too just for poops and giggles.
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doesnt neck through kill treble however?
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