uh hello fellow mates uh i made a tab well it may not sound dat pro cuz its just been me playing guitar 2months
so..... uh can u help me complete it or expand it a bit
dat would really be aprreciated thank u.... and i hope its the right forum

OK here it is


EDITED: OK being more clear checked my spellings a bit and ya its jus a tab not power chord and um... uh -_-" i made it with a thought with some accidents so plz oww dont be harsh.. cuz im still a noobie on playing real guitar
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I think this might be the wrong forum, not sure...
I can't really tell what you're meant to be playin from that tab, there's a bb code for tabs, but I never use it so...

It looks to me as if it needs to be harmonised in some way, or go to chords, probably powerchords.
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