1-1 in penalties now.
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i would rather have a guitar in place of my organs, OR CANDY
there's goals in football?

when'd that start?
Why you reading this?
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I use my thumb and my johnson

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idk what the keys are for but the reason i think its for the floyd rose is because its called floyd rose double locking

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i iz hurr tuh spek da troof abowt muzik
go check the champions league final thread?
I'm a Fire, and I'll Burn.Burn.Burn.
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A long time before touchdowns.

I think he was implying they don't score very often...
Man Utd. should burn. They deserve absolutely nothing. Drogba should still have been on the pitch, Tevez shouldve been sent off, and Ronaldo needs a tissue.
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day